Only one of these works is dated– the drawing on the left side of the first row, which remains (to my knowledge) Jamie’s only attempt at representation, aside from a self-portrait he did in school around the same time (May 2003). I did indeed have a purple swimming mask at the time, and Jamie’s was blue; and if you look carefully on the right side of the page, you can see, in gray, a box with three lines in it. This is of course the pool ladder, and Jamie and I are about to jump into the deep end.

The rest of the drawings on this page are tween-Jamie versions of things you’ll see in the rest of his gallery. The towers of color here, drawn between 2003 and 2005, are horizontal rather than vertical, and if you check the “towers of color” gallery you’ll find that as Jamie gets older and more sure of himself as a draftsman the towers get tighter and narrower. The dots, the alphabets, the lists, the swirls of color, the complex geometric shapes– all his modes of drawing and doodling and entertaining himself are here in embryonic form.